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First and foremost! WELCOME to the BLOG!

I am over the moon excited to have you here!

Since this is the first official blog post, I want to dedicate this to all the black women who have lost themselves to the pressures of life, society and stigma's of being labeled strong.

You deserve a healthy, happy and fulfilled life.

I want to make sure this space not only elevates and uplifts you to find your groove in life, but also addresses the many different issues, emotions, and internal barriers that prevent you from growing into the woman we both know you are!

If there are any topics you personally feel should be brought up in conversation or on the blog, please feel free to connect with us via email at or via the contact form.

This is a safe space and names will be left anonymous, unless permission is granted.

Thanks for taking the time to join me in this space, I hope this gives you the motivation and inspiration to find your happy place!

Souly Yours....

- MJ

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"Self-Care is Self-Love"

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